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About Us

Isse & Lo is co-founded by Haitian-American sisters, Regine & Betsy in 2022. Our inclusive concept originated from the struggle of finding a range of culturally relevant books, toys, and tools to raise Regine’s daughter, Isse. 


When we found none, we made them, authentically. While crafting and enjoying these items for Isse, we realized that others may also treasure and benefit from them. Hence, Isse & Lo was born by fusing the namesake of Isse and her best fury friend, the family house cat “Lola.”  


Their enchanting relationship deeply resonates through the unique stories captured in the books, toys, and materials available on this multicultural site. 

It takes a village to raise kids, and as the Haitian proverb says, sa ou plante, se sa ou rekòlte, (what you plant is what you harvest). We are proud to be part of your village dutifully caring for the harvest of the next generation. We hope these resources inspire hours of creative play, cultural exploration, and lifelong learning.

About Betsy

Betsy, who was born and raised in Boston, MA, is a Haitian-American visual storyteller and illustrator for the Sounds of Haiti Books. The eternal mixer, she bartends at a local Boston restaurant. Betsy's creative outlook on life has taken her to diverse travels all around the world and that influences her artistic expression. Betsy thrives in a bit of chaos and is the quintessential “fun aunt.” She’s honored to be a pivotal part of your global village, equipping you with abundant tools for your little ones.


Betsy is currently located in Brighton, MA, USA.

Isse and Lo
Isse and Lo

About Regine

Regine is a Haitian-American mother, lawyer, creative strategist, entrepreneur, author, and storyteller. Her profound love for Haiti runs deep from growing up in a Haitian household in Massachusetts, USA. She was always enamored by her culture. In 2010, Regine moved back home to Haiti. In 2019 after the birth of her daughter, her love for Haiti and the need for kid-friendly items merged. The eternal collector of cultural stories, Regine dreamed of putting pen to paper to capture these cherished tales. Isse & Lo is her special contribution to the preservation of our oral stories. 


Regine presently resides between the beach-side towns of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, and Cap Haitien, Haiti.


Behind our Products

are incredible authors, illustrators and artisans