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Sounds of Haiti - Animals

Colorful bilingual board books, complete with a free audiobook.


Help your child to sound out instruments and animals while also celebrating culture, history, and art. Armed with onomatopoeias of fun and phonics, they deliver wonderful early literacy opportunities to acquire cultural names and key phrases that highlight the beauty of the colorful island of Haiti. 



Take a walk and encounter the amazing animals of the island of Haiti. Do you know them all? Which ones do you like the most? From farm animals to birds, to sea creatures, this book is full of wild and wonder! 

About the Illustrator: 


Betsy Jennifer Theodat: 


Born and raised in Boston, MA, USA, she comes from a proud family from an island of color, sounds, music, and rich history. She’s the co-founder of Isse & Lo. She has always had a very creative outlook on life and thrives in a bit of chaos. In these books, she hopes to welcome you and give a glorious glimpse to Haiti’s boundless beauty and cultural riches.

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