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Zafèt’s Corner

Extra Fun-Zafèt Zippy Readers 


Post-Reading Activities, Questions, and Family Literacy. Did you read I've been waiting for you? 

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Aktivite pou apre ou fin li  Ou te li Sa fe lontan mwen ap tann ou?


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Smart, Curious, & Adventerous

Based on an iconic Caribbean folktale, this beautiful book explores the timeless storytelling tradition of how a young child’s upside-down play in triangle form actually summons one’s unborn sibling to this realm.  


Magical, mesmerizing, and multicultural, this book celebrates family, culture, and fantastical fun! Meet Zafèt, a brilliant, inquisitive, and brave girl who befriends a mysterious dream-world friend that seems deeply familiar to her.  


Follow along with Zafèt as she discovers more about this special dream-world friend. Her quest offers a sweet story to explain and honor Caribbean heritage.

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