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Unleashing Caribbean Magic: Curated Books, Toys, and Stories That Illuminate, Educate, and Inspire


Our Story

Isse & Lo was co-founded by Haitian-American sisters, Regine & Betsy in 2022. Named after Regine's daughter Isse, and her furry cat friend, Lola. Our inclusive concept originated from the struggle of finding a range of culturally relevant books, toys, and tools to raise Isse.

Isse and Lo
Isse and Lo

KREYÒL Best-Sellers

Free for your kiddos

We’re so excited to be part of your village. We recognize that childrearing isn’t easy, so we strive to offer one less thing for you to worry about. 


These are free activities, mostly inspired by the same topics of our books, toys, and other cultural items you can purchase on our website. These extensions are perfect for the afternoon, holiday, and weekend activities. You never have to worry about our activities not allowing your children to be seen, heard, or reflected in our inclusive materials. 


Plus, you don’t need to own any of the books, toys, or offerings to effectively use these tools. If you enjoy them, please share them with your friends, family members, educators, librarians, and other community activists. And don’t forget to follow us on Youtube & social media for more activities and play for kids & families!


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Isse and Lo
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We did not want our kiddos to...

  • lose their parent tongues or lack appreciation for them

  • not identify with their culture

  • grow up with internalized hate

  • not see their faces in the stories around them

  • not excel in a diversified world & environment

And we want parents not to feel ill-equipped to raise their kids because of lack of resources.


We want instead...

  • Black and Caribbean representation in books, stories, and kid-goods

  • diversity in educational materials

  • our kiddos to be activated to learn, and bring change to our beautiful planet

  • our kiddos to identify and appreciate their cultures

Our Why

My First Caribbean Kitchen

Our Promises

Our materials & products are of high-quality

Our brand is authentically Caribbean and Black-owned

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