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Dominique St-Germain

Founder & CEO

Dominique St-Germain is a Haitian illustrator and content creator working with authors, publishers, and brands. She grew up in a family of soulful artists and enthusiasts who, from a very young age, generously encouraged her passion for art. She loves experimenting with traditional materials like gouache, watercolor, and colored pencil. Her work revolves mostly around cozy moments, nature, emotions, and the capture of memories of cherished adventures. She carries her sketchbook everywhere so that she can bring small memories back home. She’s a vivid daydreamer, trying to bring meaningful and magical episodes to life.

Illustrator: I've been waiting for you, Sa fe lontan mwen ap tann w

To learn more about Dominique visit here:

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Pierre-Richard Raphael

Tech Lead

Pierre-Richard Raphael, also known as Pyelila (neem tree in English), is a young Haitian visual artist, specializing in Illustration, Photography, and Graphic Design.


Haitian folklore and fantasy pour their magic into his signature style and cultural inspiration. This has always shaped his unique art into a tool to convey and celebrate every beautiful story that Haiti has to offer. After his Art studies at Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) in Por tau- Prince, he embarked on a freelance career in visual art.


In turn, his training and cultural pride deliver a form of freedom that he uses to delve into the world of illustration, the representation of many aspects of the Haitian heritage that need a voice, and art from the heart.

Illustrator: Caribbean Culture Collage, Marvens, the Haitian Tooth Fairy & Kai's Toothless Tale

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Pierre Richard
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Joe Saint-Lo

Office Manager

Joe Saint-Lot is a self-taught illustrator and artist currently based in Petionville’Haiti he’s been doing private commissions since 2017 including illustrations, character design, portraits, cover books, and illustrations for short stories/novels. His main fields are digital painting and illustrations for clients from all over the world. 


See his portfolio for more:

Illustrator:  Little Piglets, Tale with a Tail

Joe Anchor

Blaise Emilien

Product Manager

From a family of Artisans, Blaise has been making paper marche art since he was a child. He's the creative maker behind the papier mache collection and also the painter for the Sounds of Haiti Instruments. 

Blaise Anchor

Ronald Louissaint

Office Manager

A skilled drum maker with over 20 years experience, Ronald learned the trade of making drums from his father-in-law. He's an experiment natural wood maker who makes drums, motor and pestels, and wooden games. 

Maker:  Drums


Vanessa C. Pierre

Product Manager

Vanessa C. Pierre nicknamed Tessa is a talented Port-au-Prince, Haiti based voice-over comedic actress. She’s the voice of a national information line that is tuned into by over 60,000 Haitians.  She’s a jill-of-all-trades: an active participant in her church, a bookkeeper, human resources manager, and a business management student. She’s fiery, curious, sympathetic and passionate about cooking. She voices the Kreyòl version of “I’ve been waiting for you,” “sa fe lontan m ap tann ou.”

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